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[netCDF #FSI-652508]: netcdf-4 with hdf5 and zlib not compiling

Hi Jonathan,
> I have compiled netcdf4 with hdf5-1.8.2 and zlib-1.2.3.
> When linking the math library, the file that I have attached 
> (qfed2.emiss.bc.005.20060505.nc) was unable to open with ncdump.

I just tried an ncdump compiled with the current netCDF-4 version 4.1.1 on your 
file, and it 
seems to work fine, with no errors reported.  However, I got the same error 
message you did,
"NetCDF: Unknown file format", when using ncdump from netCDF versions 4.0 or 
4.0.1.  This is
puzzling, because the only bug I'm aware of with netCDF-4 compatibility is with 
files written
with a variable with more than 8 attributes on a big-endian platform using a 
version of HDF5
prior to 1.8.4-patch1.  Your file has no such variable, so it should be 

However, you can certainly work around the problem by installing the current 
release, using
HDF5 1.8.4-patch1 or later for the underlying HDF library.

In the meantime, we'll investigate further to see why that netCDF file is not 
readable with
earlier versions of netCDF.  Thanks for reporting this problem.


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> Subject: [netCDF #FSI-652508]: netcdf-4 with hdf5 and zlib not compiling
> > Hello
> > So I saw the -lm should be set in the path for LIBS in the .bashrc file.
> >
> > netcdf 4 installed with no problem.  Now the ncdump is not functioning.  
> > See below attempt and error message below:
> >
> > ncdump -h qfed2.emis_co.005.20060620.nc
> > ncdump: qfed2.emis_co.005.20060620.nc: NetCDF: Unknown file format
> >
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> Howdy Jonathan!
> ncdump is telling you that the data file is not a netcdf data file.
> If you think it is a netcdf datafile, make sure the ncdump you are using is 
> the one you just built, not some old one installed on your machine.
> Thanks,
> Ed
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> Ticket ID: FSI-652508
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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: FSI-652508
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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