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[netCDF #UCM-204970]: Request for help


> Based on a search in the support archives, I did a "make clean check" in
> the examples/f90 subdirectory. It went OK, and from this I managed to
> see how you make compilation and link. I saw that for linking you use
> "libtool" with several flags. It is not straight forward, but I did the
> same and it worked for my program.
> So you don't need to look further for my request. So far my problem is
> solved.
> I would only suggest that you issue somehow guidance on how to compile
> and link with the netcdf libraries, especially using "libtool", or even
> better to write and distribute a sample Makefile.

It's good to hear that you figured out how to compile and link using 

The libtool utility is intended for use by package developers to make
it easier to build shared libraries on different platforms, given that
there is no standard way to create shared libraries.  It needs to run
dynamically linked libraries before the libraries have been installed,
so it must use arguments that users wouldn't typically have to use.

That's why we recommend running "make install" after you have run
"make check".  After installing the library, it is no longer necessary
to use libtool, and compilation and linking is simplified whether you
are using static or shared libraries.  We also provide the "nc-config"
tool to make it easier to compile and link netCDF applications, and it
assumes "make install" has been run.

I hope this makes it clearer why we don't document or offer guidance on
using libtool for compiling and linking user applications.  However, now
that this response is in our searchable support archives, it may help 
other users decide whether and when to use libtool versus "make install"
and nc-config.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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