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Re: NetCDF-Java GeoTiff IOSP

Tom Kunicki wrote:

I am working on a GeoTIFF IOSP for NetCDF-Java to help reading data acquired from various WCS servers we may be interacting with. Any interest in this? I am using Java Advanced ImageIO API and this could easily be converted to a runtime-only dependency (and therefore only active in the presence of the JAI jars).

Any interest in this on your side?

Yes! This would be great! Im looking forward to seeing how you use Java Image IO.

Im sure youve seen the existing geotiff package - a very limited set of 
projections supported for writing. Reading seems more challenging because of 
the huge number of projections that geotiff supports. But I suppose theres no 
problem just starting with a subset and growing it. The ideal case from my POV 
would be to make the geotiff files look like netcdf-CF. Anyway, feel free to 
use existing package or not.

Sorry I havent been able to get to your point data contributions. Still putting 
out fires here.

Tom Kunicki Center for Integrated Data Analytics U.S. Geological Survey 8505 Research Way Middleton, WI 53562

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