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[netCDF #XEI-631234]: Failure to compile netcdf 4.1.1 w/ PGI 10.5 (64-bit linux) (corrected with logs attached)

Hi Bill,

> While, ironically, I can get netcdf 4.1.1 to compile for MacOS
> 10.6/64bit, I now I canât get it to do it for Linux (Mandriva
> 2010.0) 64 bit and Iâm feeling a little silly over it. This is a new
> error early on in the build process compared to that which Iâm
> accustomed and Iâm not seeing the same error reported in the message
> boards. Iâm attaching the config and make logs.
> My configuration for the compilers is:
> setenv CC pgcc
> setenv FC pgf90
> setenv F90 pgf90
> setenv F77 pgf77
> setenv CXX pgCC
> setenv CPP 'pgCC -E'
> setenv CFLAGS " -Msignextend "
> setenv CPPFLAGS " -DNDEBUG -DpgiFortran "
> setenv CXXFLAGS " "
> setenv F90FLAGS " "
> setenv FFLAGS " -w "
> setenv LDFLAGS " "

The problem seems to be compiling the test programs for C++ API:
> libtool: link:  pgCC --prelink_objects --instantiation_dir
Template.dir   netcd> f.o ncvalues.o
> pgCC-Warning-prelink_objects switch is deprecated
> pgCC-Warning-instantiation_dir switch is deprecated
> /usr/lib64/crt1.o: In function `_start':
unde> fined reference to `main'
> netcdf.o: In function `NcFile::__ct(char const *, NcFile::FileMode,
unsigned lo> ng *, unsigned long, NcFile::FileFormat)':
> /usr/local/netcdf-4.1.1/cxx/./netcdf.cpp:382: undefined reference to 
> `nc__open'

If you really need the C++ API, here's another possibility.

You have set 

> setenv CXX pgCC
> setenv CPP 'pgCC -E'

but the Portland Group site


recommends using

  setenv CC pgCC
  setenv CXX pgcpp

The environment variable "CPP" isn't used by the netCDF configure
script, so setting it has no effect as far as I know.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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