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[netCDF #IYS-686412]: problem installing 4.1.1 on linux

Howdy John!

Did you do a make clean?

Just before the release I noticed that make clean removes the documentation, 
and that causes it to attempt to be rebuilt again. If you don't have all the 
tools, that doesn't work. 

Although I spent a day trying to get this to work, in the end I had to do the 
release. The workaround is to unpack the netCDF distribution tarball again, 
which will replace the documentation. Another workaround is to just ignore the 
problem. If "make check" works up to the point where the documentation is 
built, then all the netCDF tests passed (except the examples), and you can do a 
"make install."

Of course, now that the pressure is off, I tried again and managed (I think) to 
fix the problem in ten minutes. Software development can be so exciting 
sometimes. ;-)

I have checked in my change, and it will appear in the daily snapshot release 
and in future versions of netCDF.



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Ticket ID: IYS-686412
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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