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[netCDF #VWA-170047]: Problems with "make check"/netcdf-4.1.1-rc2 on a 32-bit MacOS 10.5/PPC system

> [Hopefully these tests are helping out rather than annoying people.]

Howdy Mary!

Test results are never, ever annoying! I love them. Thanks for sending them.

> I built netcdf-4.1.1-rc2 on a 32-bit PPC MacOS 10.5 system.
> It failed in a different place than my other systems, so I thought I'd
> include the files here.
> It seemed to have only failed in one place:
> *** Checking HDF5 dimension scales.
> *** Creating simple dimension scales file, with scale detach...Sorry!
> Unexpected result, tst_h_dimscales1.c, line: 70
> 1 failures
> 1 errors detected! Sorry!
> FAIL: tst_h_dimscales1

This looks like an out-of-date HDF5 installation. You need 1.8.4-patch1. 

All of the tst_h_*.c tests are tests of the HDF5 layer only (hence the _h_ in 
the name). So whenever one of those tests fails, it's something wrong with the 
HDF5 install. In fact, the tst_h_* programs include many HDF5-only tests that I 
sent to the HDF5 team when a netCDF user has found a bug that has turned out to 
be in HDF5.



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