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Re: Andi format


> a couple of years ago, you wrote
> <-------------------
> Information about the AIA Andi standards (Andi stands for "Analytical
> data interchange") and information about how to order Andi
> specifications from AIA can be obtained from
>     http://www.ultranet.com/~lasf/ andi.html
> --Russ 
> ------------------->
> Now the pointer looks outdated. Do you know something newer?

Nothing more than the URLs you already found.  According to this


the ASTM took over the standards from the AIA:

  ... In 1990, manufacturers of analytical instrumentation, through
  their trade organization, the Analytical Instrument Association
  (AIA), sponsored the development of a series of standards to
  interchange analytical data across vendor platforms.  These
  standards, known as ANalytical Data Interchange (ANDI) standards,
  are supported by numerous commercial software products and have
  since been taken over by ASTM and are now under the purview of
  subcommittee E13.15 on analytical Data Management.  The ASTM/ANDI
  standards currently support only chromatography and mass
  spectrometry data.

(That article also contains a discussion of the benefits of using an
XML-based approach.)

The transfer from AIA to ASTM may partly explain why the old URL no
longer works.  More about the transfer of maintenance responsibility
is in this article, which I may have already referenced in a previous


There's also this, from a Google Groups search:


If you find anything else, I'd be interested.


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