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Re: 20000815: format converter?

>To: address@hidden,
>To: address@hidden
>From: Alex Pang <address@hidden>
>Subject: format converter?
>Organization: UCSC
>Keywords: 200008151912.e7FJCJN28820

Hi Alex,

> is there a file format converter from netcdf to hdf available?
> i tried the fortner.com converter linked off your web page, but
> that's no longer available.  thanks.

Here's an answer from 1998, which is mostly still relevant, at least
for HDF4 files:


where the "NCL" package that is referenced is the NCAR Command
Language for NCAR Graphics, is described here:


What's changed is that there is now an HDF5, which has a different
format than HDF4, but I think NCL and DDI can read HDF5 files also.

Another possibility is using Arlindo da Silva's Lats4d software,
described in this announcement:


if you have HDF4 files that comply with the SDS interface.

If you find one of these works well, please let us know ...



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