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[McIDAS #SKX-144523]: himawari data tranfers from open archive

Hi again Nick,

I just loaded the most recent Himawari full disk Band 3 image from the UW/SSEC
Data Center both directly from the remote ADDE server and then copied a sector
to a local AREA file, and then interrogated both for the value of a pixel to
see what units were returned.  Here is what was returned by McIDAS for
the image served via ADDE:

Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 1131040
IMGDISP: loaded frame  1
 Frame    Latitude    Longitude    Tvline    Tvelem    Line    Elem
     1   -17:07:44   -179:51:45      487       589    14547   18336

     Image Name           Day      Nominal Time   Scan Time    Band
  ----------------      -------    ------------   ---------    ----
  HIMAWARI/FD.248     29 Feb 16060   17:50:00      17:56:39       3

                        File     Nominal  Image     RAW         RAD         ALB 
       Lat/Lon      Line/Element  Line/Element                   *          %
-17:07:44/-179:51:45 14546/18335   14547/18336             32       3.665       
 0.70          21
 *   watts/meter**2/steradian/micron


This shows that the McIDAS-returned unit for radiance is:


This agrees with what you included as the JAXA listed radiance in
a previous email:

Posted on: 20160227.1228 MST
"The Himawari documenation from JAXA claims the computation is:

Radiance W/(m^2 sr um)"

Additionally, the units listed when interrogating the local AREA
file that I created using IMGCOPY were/are the same as that
returned from the remote ADDE server.

NB: the tests I ran used a version of McIDAS-X, v2016, that I am
currently prepping for release.


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