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[McIDAS #HLZ-722478]: Problem displaying Himawari visible image

Hi Kwan,

> I tried displaying the image using GEMPAK, and there was no apparent
> error.

I would bet that GEMPAK displayed the simple pixel values and didn't
try to interpret them.

> The original file name has this format: "0p64_VIS-Red_yyyymmdd_ttmm".

The 'VIS-Red' portion of the name agrees with the image being band 3.

> The corresponding IR image could be displayed without errors.


I can make the image displayable by changing the AREA file header word that
specifies this from REFL to BRIT (BRIT since each pixel is represented by a 
byte as shown by the IMGLIST).

To show this, I have attached a GIF of the display created by:

Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 93536
IMGDISP: loaded frame  20
FRMSAVE 20 HimiwariBand3_20160220.gif
Frame saved in /home/mcidas/workdata/HimiwariBand3_20160220.gif

But, I am concerned that something is amiss because of the comment
in the IMGLIST listing that no information is found for band 3:

2005  HIMAWARI-8    20 FEB 16051  00:00:00   -17  180
   Band: 3    No Information Available                  2.00  1.92   225 x  300
     proj:    0 created: 2016056 232911  memo: HIMAWARI Projected Full Disk
     type:VISR     cal type:BRIT
     offsets:  data=     768 navigation=  256 calibration=    0 auxiliary=    0
     doc length:   0   cal length:   0   lev length:   0 PREFIX=   0
     valcod:          0 zcor:  0 avg-smp: N
     start yyddd: 2016051  start time:     0  start scan:    0
     lcor: 5331  ecor:  6533  bytes per pixel: 1  ss: 86
     Resolution Factors (base=1):   Line=    2.0   Element=    2.0

The listing should have the SATBAND info for band three:

0.64 um Daytime clouds and vegetation

The fact that it doesn't means that there is something missing in the
identification of the image as being from Himiwari (even though the
IMGLIST listing shows that the image is Himiwari-8).

This will take a lot of code diving to find the answer!

More later...


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