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[McIDAS #ISR-476232]: Local Data Question

Hi Justin,

> I am looking to use the IMGCOPY command to move data available from an
> online data set to a local data set.


> The online group/descriptor is PUB/MTGLOB04I2 from satepsanone. The file is
> already in MCIDAS area format.

Maybe yes, and maybe no, but the format of the data being served by ADDE
does not matter as the server for the MTSAT data will treat the data
as if it is in AREA format.

> I am looking to move the frames 1-10 of MTGLOB04I2 to the local directory
> /home/mcidas/satellite/.


> Here is what I have done so far. I assigned a local directory using
> DSSERVE ADD TEST/GLOBAL AREA 1000 9999 INFO=/home/mcidas/satellite/ 

The INFO= keyword does not determine where the output image will be written.  
two McIDAS items that can/will determine where the ouput data will be written

MCPATH -   environment variable that defines a colon-separated list
           of directories where McIDAS will look when reading AND writing
           data files

           If you are using the Unidata McIDAS defaults, and if McIDAS-X
           is installed as the user 'mcidas' this will be defined as:


           If the second item (REDIRECT) is not setup to override MCPATH, then
           the output of your IMGCOPY invocation will be written to the
           first MCPATH directory ** IF ** it is writable.  If the first
           directory is not writable, then the output will be written to the
           the second directory, and so on

REDIRECT - this facility is used to define a directory where McIDAS will
           look for (read AND write) files defined by a regular expression

I think that it is much better to address your desired outcome by defining
REDIRECTions.  For instance:

<from a McIDAS interactive session:

REDIRECT ADD AREA* "/home/mcidas/satellite

> Then I attempted to use IMGCOPY to move the data.
> When I check under the local directory /home/mcidas/satellite I do not see
> a file listed. However, when I run IMGLIST TEST/GLOBAL, the image is
> available.
> Any suggestions?

Please review the comments about MCPATH and REDIRECT above and give the
REDIRECT approach a try.

> As always, thank you for your time.

No worries.  Please let me know if you run into any snags implementing
the REDIRECT approach above.

NB: if you do setup a REDIRECTion for all AREA files (the AREA*) regular
expression above), then your McIDAS session will look for AREA files
in the specified directory from then on.

The other thing you could do is simply use things as-is and then copy
the AREA files created by the IMGCOPY invocations from their current
location to your desired directory.  This may be preferable especially
if you want to create an archive since you could implement a renaming
of the AREA file to something that is more descriptive (e.g., MTSAT_IR_20151201,
etc.).  If you decide to rename the files, you will undoubtedly want
to create an ADDE dataset that incorporates the naming convention
that you choose.


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