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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek and Frank,

First, I was informed that a problem in our mail system configuration
may have prevented an email that I sent to Frank yesterday from being
delivered.  I am including that email at the end of this one...

> We have three undergraduate students helping us on this project now,
> officially starting this week.  They will be working on various aspects of
> data visualization, including the display that uses the global composite of
> GOES imagery.


> We'd like to share progress on this task on October 21st, during a large
> meeting that will be held here.

Sounds good.

> So, I thought that it might be fast if we could get one of these eager,
> computer savvy students to help Frank get this modified, so that we can be
> assured to have a new GOES image for the Oct. 21st meeting that would be
> easily accessible from the lab computer upstairs (one single image, even
> from earlier in the day is fine-- this is just a demo).

The amount of time that it will take to configure Frank's LDM to run
a script that will convert the received Global IR images to GeoTiffs
should be very small, like 10 minutes.  This, of course, will be after
I create the script (which I will do today now that I am out of all
day meetings) and provide the LDM pattern-action file action that
needs to be run.  It is up to Frank, of course, to determine if he
wants someone else to do the work.

> Tom, if you can let us know what statements to add to Frank's set up, that
> would be great.

I will be working on the script as soon as I get into the office.
Before I send it to you all, I will be testing it in a live ingest
situation to make sure that everything works without hiccups.

> In the meantime, I will still continue with the
> installation on my machine, so do let me know that yum invocation to run
> mcunpack, when you get a chance.

'yum' is used to install system packages, not McIDAS.  At the end of a previous
email, I gave the 'yum' command needed to install all of the development
packages that McIDAS is likely to need to be built.  I will include that piece
of the previous email at the end of this reply in case you didn't receive
that email for some reason.

> But to speed things along for the meeting
> on the 21st, let's definitely get Frank's machine modified, with help from
> the students.

If Frank has a bit of time later this afternoon, then the procedure should be
up and running.  You/Frank will then have to decide how many of the GeoTiff
images to keep and develop your own procedure for copying them off to
the machine(s) you will be using for your project.

Here are a couple of emails that I sent previously, but may not have been
received by you:

Posted on: 20150930.1312 MDT

Hi Derek,

> Okay, I've downloaded the McIDAS distribution files in the "home" directory
> of the "McIDAS" account in VMware.  When I attempt to run mcunpack
> (./mcunpack), it tells me a certain variable is required, and my guess is
> that this is the yum invocation that you mentioned before?

No, the environment variable McINST_ROOT needs to be defined before
'mcunpack' can be run. All you need to do is define McINST_ROOT to
be the HOME directory of your 'mcidas' user. For example:

<logged in as 'mcidas>


Bourne Shell/BASH

Then unpack the McIDAS distribution and start the build:



cd mcidas2015/src


At some point, the build may fail if all of the needed development
packages have not been installed.

> Is this
> something that you provide me, or is in the documentation you noted below
> (and I just did not see it)?

The packages that you will likely need to install for the McIDAS build
are included in the 'yum' command to install them:

<as 'root'>
yum install gcc-gfortran gcc-c++ byacc flex ncurses-devel libXt-devel 
libXext-devel xinetd xorg-x11-fonts-misc xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi 

If you also want to install the LDM at some point, you will need to run:

<as 'root'>
yum install libxml2-devel

> Thanks again,

No worries.



Posted on: 20151001.0854 MDT

Hi Frank,

> Greetings...this is Frank at UM.  In response to some of your questions and
> comments.....
> I am currently running LDM on a linux box here in our department to acquire
> data for the classes that I teach.

Very good. I assume that your machine is ldm.engin.umich.edu, true?

> Here is the line that I have in my ldmd.conf
> file for MCIDAS:
> request MCIDAS ".*" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

Very good, you should be getting all of the images that are being
distributed in the IDD UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS) data stream.

> As for my decoder statements in my pqact.conf file, I have included the
> MCIDAS relevant statements in the attached text file.

OK, the first, catchall action insures that you are processing all
of the images in the datastream and storing the images in the
~ldm/data/mcidas hierarchy. The other, GEMPAK-focused actions, however,
are missing processing of several, what I consider to be very valuable,
sets of images:

- GOES-East/West composites
- Global WV and IR composites (the IR composites are what Derek needs/wants)
- Arctic and Antarctic composites

We can address these as a separate issue a bit later if you like.

> If there is a
> particular statement (or statements) that I need to add to my file in
> order to process the data that Derek needs, please let me know what
> it is and I can add it in.

Yes. I need to sit down and write a shell script that will run McIDAS
commands to convert the Global IR images into GeoTiffs that Derek needs.
I wanted to be able to get to this before now, but we yesterday, today
and tomorrow are pretty well consumed by Unidata governing committee
meetings that are occurring here in Boulder. I will try to break away
sometime today (but this time target may have to slip) to write the
script and create the needed LDM pattern-action file action that
will run the script upon receipt of the Global IR composites.

> Thanks!!

No worries.

More later...



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