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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek,

> Okay, I've downloaded the McIDAS distribution files in the "home" directory
> of the "McIDAS" account in VMware.  When I attempt to run mcunpack
> (./mcunpack), it tells me a certain variable is required, and my guess is
> that this is the yum invocation that you mentioned before?

No, the environment variable McINST_ROOT needs to be defined before
'mcunpack' can be run.  All you need to do is define McINST_ROOT to
be the HOME directory of your 'mcidas' user.  For example:

<logged in as 'mcidas>


Bourne Shell/BASH

Then unpack the McIDAS distribution and start the build:



cd mcidas2015/src


At some point, the build may fail if all of the needed development
packages have not been installed.

> Is this
> something that you provide me, or is in the documentation you noted below
> (and I just did not see it)?

The packages that you will likely need to install for the McIDAS build
are included in the 'yum' command to install them:

<as 'root'>
yum install gcc-gfortran gcc-c++ byacc flex ncurses-devel libXt-devel 
libXext-devel xinetd xorg-x11-fonts-misc xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi 

If you also want to install the LDM at some point, you will need to run:

<as 'root'>
yum install libxml2-devel

> Thanks again,

No worries.


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