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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek,

> I have IT coming to my office around 2 pm EST (noon your time) to get VMware
> installed.  We may very well give you a call about this.

OK.  I'm curious about which VMware product will be installed... are
you/your IT aiming to install Player, or is there a site license for

BTW, I assume that IT has to be involved because you do not have
the capability of installing software on your machine, true?

> Also, I just spoke with Frank Marsik here at our university because he
> actually has McIDAS set up on one of the student lab computers, and it is
> currently  getting imagery on an hourly basis for use in GEMPAK.


> Now, I should set this up on my computer so I can learn how it works and
> have some control on my end for initial testing-- but for the long term, if
> we can add a decoder statement to Frank's lab machine that will also get the
> required imagery for the global composite and convert it to geotiff like the
> one your sent me, this might be ideal.

I agree on both counts.

> If we did this, then (a) the lab
> machine is left on all the time so it will be a nice repository for the
> data, and it can be accessed by other people if they need to change
> something (it's not a private personal compute), and (b) I'm sure you'd like
> to limit the number of machines accessing files from UNIDATA.

If Frank is running an LDM and is getting the UNIWISC data feed AND
has McIDAS installed on his LDM machine, the process of creating
GeoTiffs from the UNIWISC global IR composite would be _very_ simple.
Do you want to bring Frank into this discussion?

> So, let's proceed with getting this set up on my end as planned for the
> short term (next month we'll probably use my machine), but also explore
> adding the correct statement(s) to the lab computer for the long term.


> Thanks again, and I may give you a ring later today.

Very good.  If I don't answer, please leave a voicemail with your
best contact info (phone, Skype, Hangouts, whatever).


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