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[Miscellaneous #UFF-250801]: GOES east & west geotiff files

Hi Derek,

> Thanks for your response.

No worries.

> It sounds like my best option is to download the AREA files and
> use McIDAS-X to produce the required image.

Actually, the easiest thing to do is to access the imagery remotely
using the McIDAS ADDE data serving capability.

> From browsing the website, it seems that the place to go for access
> to the AREA files would be:
> http://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/satellite/VIS/catalog.html

Again, no.  The best/easiest way to get access to the data when using
McIDAS-X, the IDV or McIDAS-V is to programmatically request the data
from a McIDAS ADDE server.  This is how we make all of the imagery
products distributed in the LDM/IDD (images in the UNIWISC (GOES sectors
we create and distribute) and NIMAGE (GOES images sectors that are
created for use by NWS forecast offices in GINI format) available
and also real-time images from our GOES-East and GOES-West ingest

> However, these are .gini files.  Am I pointing to the right location
> for the AREA files that you mention?

No.  The images you are seeing are the ones broadcast in the NOAAPort
Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN).  These images have been remapped
into mostly conical projections for use in AWIPS/AWIPS-II.

> Perhaps what I need is your Internet Data Distribution (IDD)
> UNIWISC data stream, but don't see where that is.  Can you provide the 
> correct url?

The IDD is a system built on top of our LDM software.  Cooperating LDMs relay
data to each other and so fan out distribution of products in real-time.  You
can get setup, of course, to REQUEST the UNIWISC (and NIMAGE) datastream on
an LDM that you run in your shop, but you would only get the image sectors
that are in the datastream(s).  The other option if time is critical is to
programmatically request the data from our GEOS-East/West satellite ingest
systems and do the processing of the data locally.

The good news is that since you are at UMichigan, you are entitled to
download and use Unidata McIDAS-X for free.  McIDAS-X is the only software
package that we support/maintain/develop whose redistribution is limited
by the owners of the software, the Space Science and Engineering Center
at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

I would think that the first step would be for us to produce a couple
of GeoTiff-formatted images to see if your system can use them directly.
I would not want to see you pour a lot of effort into installing and
learning a package before you were convinced that it would suit your

> Thanks again,

No worries.


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