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[McIDAS #GIW-633358]: ADDE access policy for Satellite Receivers

Hi Fred,

> I have two separate questions.
> 1. We have been approached by a commercial company about a possible contract 
> which would
> include them running my satellite processing software for their forecast 
> operations.
> While I realize that your east and west satellite receivers physically have 
> an open
> ADDE  access, do you have any problems with commercial companies accessing 
> your
> satellite receivers in support of their business operations?

In principle, no.  In practice if a non-core site's access negatively impacts
operations of any of our services, we will cut them off without warning (and
with no regrets).  We are, after all, funded to support U.S. universities, not
commercial entities or private concerns.

> 2. I will be retiring at the end of next spring's semester and moving to Ft. 
> Collins, CO
> (grandchildren are in Ft. Collins and we have a vacation home there).


> While I will
> have home projects, I am not sure that they will take up all my time.

I know the feeling.

> Does Unidata have volunteer positions?

Not currently, but this should not be interpreted to be some sort of
a policy.  In fact, the same issue has gone through my mind as I am
also at retirement age (65).

> Do you need any help with the Mcidas support?

No, not really, or, at least, not yet.  There are LOTS of other areas
that could benefit from additional support resources.  I will float this
idea by our Director to see what he has to say.

> 3. Bonus question.


> I am planning in retirement on having a home Linux computer with
> Mcidas on it.

Me too.

> I want to mess around with the GOES-R data after it becomes available.
> What are the current plans for Unidata to gain access to the GOES-R data?

We wrote a proposal to the NOAA/GOES-R office for 2015 year end funds to
install a single GOES-R ingest, processing and data serving capabililty
here in UCAR.  The GOES-R office green lighted the work proposed and
the monies were available, but evidently the NOAA budget office was
so swamped with year end items, that they could not get to our request
in time.  We have been told (unofficially), however, that the monies
we requested should become available in the January, 2016 timeframe.
We let them know that this worked for us especially since the launch
for GOES-R has been pushed back to sometime in the fall of 2016.  We
are hopeful that the monies will, in fact, be made available, and we will
proceed on installing a GOES-R downlink system on one of an existing
satellite pads up at the NCAR Mesa Lab.  If all goes well (and there
is _no_ guarantee of funds from NOAA), we will be procuring hardware
and installing systems sometime next late winter/early spring.

We also have goals to move the GOES-R imagery and products to "the
cloud", and make them available there through a variety of data
services including ADDE and the TDS.


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