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[McIDAS #RWF-297700]: McIDAS 2015 installation questions

Hi Gilbert,

> I hate to bother you about McIDAS, but...
> Weather2.admin.niu.edu just died a horrible death.


> The good news?
> I was in the process of installing everything to flip it over when it
> happened, so I had almost everything backed up.

That is good news!

> Now, I went to the website and saw McIDAS-X 2015 has been released.
> Alas, when I went to the installation instructions, it pointed to 2009.

I apologize for this.  I started the work of updating the Unidata
McIDAS-X User's Guide, but I got yanked off to work on more pressing
items.  I will try to get to the documentation update next week and
the week after.

> LDM and GEMPAK have been having the same issues since the web site
> upgrade.

??  I have followed the problem you reported with feeds not failing
over in the LDM, but I have not seen comments about GEMPAK.

> Anyway...
> Can you log into weather.admin.niu.edu (the only server that does not have
> SSH firewalled) and then into weather2, and see if everything is kosher?


I just logged in and don't see anything amiss in the 'mcidas' account
on weather2.admin.niu.edu.  It looks like you built v2015 yesterday...

> Thanks for your help. I want McIDAS -(X/XCD) installed, and the
> /home/ldm/log file is filling up with mysterious GEMPAK and
> McIDAS errors.

I assume that you mean the /home/ldm/logs/ldmd.log file?

If yes, I am seeing a lot of LDM "Denying connection' messages, but
not ones related to McIDAS things.

I also don't see a problem in the ~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log or
~ldm/logs/XCD_START.LOG files.

Can you pinpoint where I should be looking?


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