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[McIDAS #JAV-781741]: McIDAS-X on Windows or Linux

Hi Kwan,

> Thanks for the detailed explanations.  It appears that I do not need to
> install the ADDE server then.

OK.  NB: If you ever find you need to access ADDE datasets that are defined
in your VM from Windows, you will need to setup the remote ADDE server.

> Since I am the only person using mcidas on this laptop, I suppose I can
> just use the 'mcidas' user account directly without opening an additional
> user account for myself?

This is how I operate.  Just so you know, SSEC actually disables running
as the user 'mcidas'.  I change this back to what I think should be the
case (everyone can run McIDAS-X) in Unidata McIDAS-X.

> I have tried opening a user account for myself
> but it did not have permission to read anything belonged to 'mcidas'.  So I
> suppose I have to setup my own account the same way I set up 'mcidas'?

Alternatively, you could simply change the read/write permissions on the
pertinent McIDAS directories so that the user you setup has at least
read permission.  If you are interested in doing this, I would add
your user to the same group as 'mcidas' and proceed from there.

> How do I access a Windows directory from within CentOS, and vice versa?

By installing VMware Tools in your VM, you will be able to see directories
that you have setup Player to be able access.  The directories will be
seen as subdirectories of /mnt/hgfs.  For instance, here is what I
see in my CentOS 6.6 VM:

% ls /mnt/hgfs
Win7Pictures/  McIDAS-X/  Unidata/  Yoksas/

I can't remember if installing VMware Tools was an option when you
installed/setup VMware Player... it may already be installed.

As far as the Windows side being able to see your VM directories, this
is not supported.

> I
> was trying to open a .GIF image saved inside $MCDATA using Windows Photo
> Viewer but where should I look in Windows to get to $MCDATA?

You won't/can't.  The file system viewing is one way: the Linux side can
see directories that you have configured to be visible in VMware Player
IF VMware Tools has been installed.


- run the following as 'mcidas' from inside of your VM:

ls -alt /mnt/hgfs

  What, if anything, is listed?


- I put Unidata McIDAS-X v2015 out in the download directory

  This has not been announced yet since I have not had the time
  to update all of the documentation (e.g., User's Guide, Training
  Workshop, Learning Guide).

> Thanks again,

No worries.


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