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[McIDAS #JAV-781741]: McIDAS-X on Windows or Linux

Hi Kwan,

> I have bought the laptop.  What software do you use to test its
> functionality such as speed and memory access?

Hmm... I don't use any sort of benchmarking programs, so I have no
recommendations there.  What I typically do on a new machine to test
the overall throughput of the CPU and graphics subsystem is load the
IDV, and put up some sort of a globe display (there are several on
the RAMADDA server we operate on motherlode.ucar.edu in the
IDV Community Resources -> Bundles -> Globe Displays area) and
then spin the globe.  How smoothly the globe spins while animating
is a good indicator of how fast the graphics subsystem really is.
My observation is that dedicated video cards like Nvidia provide
the best experience.

The first thing I would do on your new machine is get anti-virus
software installed and brought up to date.  As soon as your machine
is functioning well (subjective), I would download and install
VMware Player (www.vmware.com).  After that, I would copy a VMware
compatible virtual machine to your hard disk (in a directory
created so that you could install more than one virtual machine).
Then I would fire up VMware Player and choose the option of
opening a virtual machine.  Player should ask you if you copied
or moved the virtual machine.  I don't think that there is a big
difference in answering either way, but I would say that I copied

Now comes the fun part... if you are using the CentOS 6.x x86_64
virtual machine that I provided (I can't remember if I made this
available to you already; if I didn't, I will stick it out somewhere
so you can grab it), you will need to boot the virtual machine (I
will refer to this as the VM from now on) in single user mode so
that you can set/change the root password.


- do you know how to boot *nix (Unix/Linux) into single user mode?

  If not, I can guide you.

  It would be easiest to be able to talk you through the setup via
  a Skype or Google Hangouts link.  I will be out working on my
  yard all day today, so I will be unavailable.  I could do this
  tomorrow morning (Sunday) or any morning this coming week.


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