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[Staging #CCM-472749]: Re: 20150522: TDWR Level III data from NOAA NEXRAD Operational Support Facility in McX and McV

Hi Barry,

Please read; I have an update on support for the TDWR-formatted imagery
that Bob Rabin and Joleen want to use.

> Thanks very much for checking into this issue! I will forward the info
> and questions to Bob Rabin and Joleen Feltz and let you know what they
> say.


> It might not be as timely as usual because we're busy with MUG
> Meeting prep and trying to get a McX 2015.1 release done.

I understand.

re: time resolution
> I don't know for sure what Bob Rabin meant when he said "/the time
> resolution of the TDWR data we need are unavailable from NCDC (for the
> case we are analysing)/", but my impression is that he was saying that
> NCDC offers the imagery for his station at, say, 5-minute increments,
> whereas he's able to get it from NNOSF at, say, 1-minute increments. Not
> sure if that makes sense, but it's how Bob Carp and I interpreted it. It
> will be interesting to see what Bob Rabin says when I ask him. :-)

Here is the update.

It turns out that the NEXRAD Level III server in McIDAS-X was missing the
definitions for several )previously unseen by me) products, one of which is
the one specified in the TR0 file you sent in a previous email.

I just added support for images with product code 180 (256 level base 
with 0.08x1 Nmi x Deg resolution), and tested the code change in Unidata 
the product now correctly displays.  I will be adding support for the other
products (product codes 183 16 level base velocity and 187 long range 16 level 
reflectivity) as soon as I can.

I don't know if you can incorporate the changed code (two files affected: 
and nexrutil.c) in the SSEC v2015.1 release, but it will be ready by the MUG


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