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[McIDAS #CKA-730646]: Cannot contact server

Hi Heather,

> Thanks again Tom!  I really appreciate all of the work you have
> done to help set up our new systems!

No worries.

> I would love to have your tcl script running on our ingestor.

Very good.

> You can either send it to me via email or put it on yourself,
> whatever is easiest for you.

I did the following on npingest yesterday evening and this morning:

- installed Tcl and Tk

  <as 'root'>
  yum install tcl tk

- copied over the latest Novra 'cmcs' version and put it in the
  ~ldm/util directory (which I also created)

- deleted the copy of 'cmcs' that was in ~ldm

- in ~ldm/util created the shell scripts:

  NovraS300     - it runs 'cmcs' providing the IP address of your S300 and PW
  novras300.tcl - it writes S300 and SES-1 info

- created cron entries for 'ldm' that:

  - rotate the LDM log file once per day

  - run util/novras300.tcl once per minute

- tweaked entries in ~ldm/etc/registry.xml

  I am trying to figure out why you are getting the [GB 1] errors.

You can now see minute-by-minute values for things like C/N, signal strength
symbol rate, etc. by 'less ~ldm/logs/novras300.log'.  This should be helpful
in monitoring your NOAAPort ingest.


- I saw remnants of the old NOAAPort 1.7 ingest package in ~ldm:

drwxrwxr-x. 10 ldm  ldm        4096 Sep 11 11:52 noaaport-1.7.1
-rw-rw-r--.  1 ldm  ldm     2702652 Sep 11 11:26 noaaport-1.7.1.tar.gz

  Since the NOAAPort ingest code is now part of the LDM, I _strongly_
  recommend that you get rid of the old ** hopefully unused ** code
  so there will not be confusion going into the future.


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