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[McIDAS #VSV-153140]: Mcidas xcd

Hi Heather,

> Thanks again for your responses:

No worries.

> I have a specific question about this comment of yours:
> "Yes.  Most of the sites that are using Novra S300s changed their IP
> to something other than the 192.168.0 subnet.  This led to confusion
> when a firmware upgrade would change the IP to  The
> only possible hiccup you might encounter until you change the IP
> address back to what it is now is the gateway specified in
> /etc/sysconfig/static-routes will be the same as the IP of the
> S300 after the firmware is upgraded."
> What will happen here?  Will I not be able to reach my novra via cmcs
> with my current static-routes file?

I don't think that the static routing will have any effect when the
new firmware (V2R11) gets loaded on your Novra, but I wanted to alert
you to the possibility in case it does.

> What should I change the file to?

??? The file?  I think you are referring to '/etc/sysconfig/static-routes'.
I would leave this file alone ** unless you run into problems with the
conflict between the gateway specified in it and the new IP for the
S300 after the firmware upgrade **.

> My plan was to change the firmware and then immediately change the IP
> address back.

That is exactly what I would do/have done after changing the firmware
on our two S300s.  Again, I just wanted to alert you to the IP change

> FYI: My Novra IP address is already on the 192 subnet, it is

Yes, your setup should make the upgrade much easier than for others (like us)
who changed the subnet to something other than 192.168.0.

> I am planning on switching everything over on Monday, as long as the ldm
> runs fine over the weekend with the current setup.

OK.  I think I mentioned that we are getting our dish "tuned up" tomorrow
morning.  I have been very concerned (almost manic, but not quite) about
the number of Gaps we are seeing especially in the nwstg2 (GRIB2 products
that get sent out in the NGRID datastream) channel.

> Also, I will keep an eye out for the new ldm version with the new tables!

Super.  Not mucking with setting GRIB table values used by the NOAAPort
ingest package will make your life much easier.


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