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[McIDAS #VSV-153140]: Mcidas xcd

Hi Heather,

> Thank you so much Tom!

No worries.

> I have many questions for you:
> 1: I was planning on updating the firmware on the Novra before I switched to 
> the new
> feed.


>  When I update the firmware, can't I just put the IP address of my Novra back
> to what it once was?


>  So that it will not affect my other settings?

Yes.  Most of the sites that are using Novra S300s changed their IP
to something other than the 192.168.0 subnet.  This led to confusion
when a firmware upgrade would change the IP to  The
only possible hiccup you might encounter until you change the IP
address back to what it is now is the gateway specified in
/etc/sysconfig/static-routes will be the same as the IP of the
S300 after the firmware is upgraded.

> I was also under the impression that I had to upgrade the firmware for the new
> noaaport settings.

We found this to _not_ be true, but Novra does recommend running the new
firmware (V2R11).

> 2. So are you suggesting that I ignore the ldm errors on my ingestor and not 
> modify the
> tables?


> Is there anything else I can do to fix these errors, or should I just live 
> with them?

Don't look in the LDM log file ;-)  Seriously though, the warnings do no
harm.  When someone else has figured out what change(s) is(are) needed,
simply adopt those changes.  We will make new LDM releases when the tables
are updated, so you can always upgrade by installing a new version of
the LDM.

> 3. Thank you so much for getting mcidas-xcd decoding on my machine!

No worries.

> What did you do to fix it?  Where did I go wrong?

I setup the environment of your 'mcidas' user in the way that is
recommended in the Unidata McIDAS-X User's Guide.  After rebuilding
and reinstalling McIDAS ('make all && make install.all in
~mcidas/mcidas2009/src), everything else was just as we had discussed

<as 'mcidas'>
batch.k XCD.BAT
cp ROUTE.SYS /data
cp ~/data/SYSKEY.TAB /data

The last two steps really should be included in XCD.BAT.  I will attend
to this in the v2014 release (which is ready, but the documentation
needs updating).

> Thanks again!!

No worries.  Again, please look around to see if you see anything

By the way, since you are moving to all new machines, this is an
opportunity to standardize the setup for LDM and McIDAS.  There are
not a lot of things to change, but I would think about moving the
location of XCD-produced data files from /data to /data/ldm/pub/mcidas
or /data/ldm/mcidas.  This is NOT crucial, however, so please ignore
if you like.


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