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[McIDAS #SRD-104827]: ADDE port trouble again

Hi Suvarchal,

Quite update on problems you have been having loading the global IR
satellite imagery from your NAmonsoonbest.xidv bundle:

I have not been able to reproduce the problem you reported loading
global composite IR satellite imagery via ADDE from adde.ucar.edu.
So far, my tests have included the network connection I have at home
and the UCAR/NCAR wireless guest network.  I will likely try loading
the bundle from some widely-used network (e.g., like at a Starbucks)
when I get the chance.


- you commented that you had "[disabled] firewall allow 112 port udp/tcp
  from firewall GUI or UFW allow 112"

  I am assuming that this was done on an Ubuntu Linux machine that is
  yours (or the department's, etc.).  Am I correct in this assumption?

- what network(s) are you connected to when you encounter the problem
  in loading imagery via ADDE?


- since we are seeing more sites locking down outbound traffic by
  service (port) while continuing to keep traffic to port 80 open
  (for web access), we are kicking around the idea of creating
  a service that is associated with an additional IP on the ADDE
  servers we control whose sole purpose would be to:

  - act as an ADDE "relay"

  - listen on both ports 112 (ADDE) and 80 (WWW)

  - redirect traffic to port 112 that is listening on the primary
    IP used for data serving

- there is a plugin for the IDV which will change the default
  port for ADDE requests from 112 to 80; this is found in:

  Plugin Manager -> Data Sources

  and it is named 'ADDE via port 80'

  If/when we setup a service that listens on both ports 112 and 80
  and redirects requests to ADDE which is listening on port 80, one
  could take advantage of the "bent pipe" approach when talking to
  instances like I described.  The big downside to this approach is
  that ADDE requests to servers that do not have this parallel service
  setup will fail completely.

In closing: I will try your bundle on publicly-accessible networks
and let you know the results.


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