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[McIDAS #XCP-875731]: Area Files

Hi Mike,

> Mike Zuranski here, one of Paul's colleagues.  I wanted to help explain
> what Paul meant with his last questions regarding the bottom labels.  In
> both McIDAS and GEMPAK, there is some area below the satellite image itself
> that is a solid color where the annotation is positioned.  I am personally
> more familiar with GEMPAK than McIDAS, but in GEMPAK this area is
> considered a margin.  What this means is that the defined geographical
> region exists entirely above this margin.


> What we were wondering is if McIDAS treats things the same way, OR if the
> geographical region comprises the entire size of the image with the
> annotated region more or less superimposed on top of it.

The display of images in McIDAS via IMGDISP does not use the Earth
location of corner points to define a region.  Instead, once can
specify the location of the center or upper left hand point and the
number of Lines,Elements to display.  The label written at the bottom
of the display overwrites the last 25 (approx.) lines of the display.

> The difference would be a region stretched over an 800X600 pixel image vs.
> an 800X580 pixel image... or something to that effect.  If I knew I were
> using the same lat&lon coordinates across both software packages, I could
> do some simple testing to figure this out, so it's not a big deal
> relatively.  We just didn't know if you had a quick answer to this
> question.  Sorry for the confusion; I hope this made more sense.

I now understand the question.  The answer, however, will probably
not be useful since the way images are displayed in McIDAS is very
different from the way they are displayed in GEMPAK.  I would guess
that the Lat,Lon points that you would need to replicate the non-label
part of the display would be to use the extreme lower left corner
(which will be the lower left corner of the label and the upper right

A simple test should determine whether my conjecture is correct or


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