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[McIDAS #TSV-261063]: Using McIDAS-V to access SSEC's Open Archive

Hi Jane,

> Sorry for the late reply, was in class and in a seminar for a thesis
> defense.

No worries.

> I looked at the imageries you posted and I think this will work.

Sounds good.

> I was hoping to get the imagery not in a globe but showing only the domain
> I'm working on but I guess this would work as we're short on time.

The problem is that the global composites span 180W - 180E, and the display
of your region of interest (120E - 120W; 0S - 60S) would show the far eastern
part on the right hand side and the far western side on the left hand side of 
the display.  Since the features you are interested in track across the 
the break at the dateline would make it hard for the viewer to follow the
storms movement.  The globe view does not have this problem because the ends
of the image wrap around the globe and join together at the dateline; this is
the reason that I went with a globe view.

I think that the images could be remapped so that their centers line on the
dateline, but this effort would require more time than I judged to be available
before your presentation tomorrow.  We can chat about this after your 

My Opinion:  The "best" way to display the animations is to
run the IDV/McIDAS-V and reload the display using the bundles that I created
and posted.  This way you could grab the globe with your mouse, rotate it
to move the region of interest to the center and zoom in and out all while
animating in time.  If the machine you will be doing the presentation on
has the IDV or McIDAS-V installed, and ** if ** this machine could connect
to a hardwired SJSU network, and if your machine has enough memory (the
bundles can use a lot of memory), then you could run IDV/McIDAS-V and load
the bundle(s) for your presentation.  This would make a much more compelling
display of the storms evolutions.

> Thank you for your help!

No worries.  Good luck with your presentation.


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