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[McIDAS #TSV-261063]: Using McIDAS-V to access SSEC's Open Archive

Hi Jane,

> McIDAS-V is still giving me an error after making the changes and then
> clicking on connect,
> "Could not connect to dataset "OGOES15" on server "geoarc.ssec.wisc.edu"
> Accounting information:
> username: "SJSU"
> project: "2163""
> Not sure why!

Me neither.  I can access the OGOES11 and OGOES15 datasets on
geoarc.ssec.wisc.edu with no problems using McIDAS-V from my
home and from Unidata.  The only thing I can think of is that
a firewall somewhere at SJSU is blocking outbound connections
to port 112.  We ran into this while putting on the IDV
training session at SJSU last spring.


- are you running McIDAS-V on one of the SJSU lab machines that
  has a hardwired network connection, or are you trying from
  a Met lab laptop that is connecting to the net wirelessly?

  The problems we experienced were in trying to connect to
  ADDE servers (e.g., geoarc.ssec.wisc.edu, adde.ucar.edu,
  atm.ucar.edu, adde.ssec.wisc.edu, etc.) when the laptop's
  network connection was through the wireless network.  We
  tried to get this sorted out with the departmental and
  campus network administrators, but I think that the "solution"
  adopted was to either work from one of the wired lab
  machines, or to connect the laptop(s) in a wired manner,
  not wirelessly.

> If this is the case, I think I'll take up on your offer in
> getting the imageries for me. But let me know if you can and I'll give you
> the dates and times of the imageries needed.

I have no problems doing this, but I am concerned that your access to
ADDE servers outside of SJSU will not work if you are connecting to
the SJSU wireless network.

Please run the following test that should indicate if you will be
able to access the imagery by a Unidata ADDE server:

- run McIDAS-V in the same way that you were trying when you got the
  connection errors

- instead of pointing to geoarc.ssec.wisc.edu, point to adde.ucar.edu

- try accessing the RTIMAGES dataset

- click on connect

If this connects OK, it still doesn't mean that the SJSU wireless network
is not blocking outbound requests to port 112; the network folks could
have bored a hole in the firewall for access to adde.ucar.edu.  To test
this, choose atm.ucar.edu and run the test, and if this works, try
accessing adde.ssec.wisc.edu.  In all cases, specify the RTIMAGES
dataset so the results will be directly comparable.

Now, if we find that the SJSU wireless network is, in fact, blocking
access to remote ADDE servers (outbound requests to port 112), you
should try disconnecting from the wireless network and connecting
to the wired network.

Just so you know, running the connection test is the first thing to do...

> Thanks!

No worries.

> "Fa'afetai fo'i" is right. You're doing well in learning the Samoan
> language.

Hardly, Google (tm) is my ace in the hole ;-)


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