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[McIDAS #TSV-261063]: Hi

Hi Jane,

Sorry for the silence; lots of other things are going on at the moment...

re: where are you intending on getting the satellite imagery you

> I was hoping you'd show me where and how to get them per your expertise in
> the McIDAS-V software. Some guidelines to get the imagery would be greatly
> appreciated.

I am assuming from your succeeding emails that you have sent in a request
for access to the SSEC openarchive server for satellite imagery.  If this
is not the case, please let me know.  If it is the case, would you be
willing to share the response you got back from the SSEC Data Center

> Another quick question relating to the McIDAS-V program. Do I have to get
> my own satellite datasets for this program to plot or does it provide this
> as well?

I think that this should have been answered in part at least by you
having requested access to the SSEC openarchive server.  But, I just
wanted to make sure you understand that McIDAS-V can use satellite
imagery served by a remote host (e.g., openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu, etc.)
or on local disk.

> I've got a quick question pertaining the dataset. So I've got the McIDAS-V
> software downloaded but the server openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu does not show
> up in the server dropdown bar. Does this mean that I still haven't gotten
> the approval? Please advise, thanks!

The list of servers that will show up in the Data Explorer -> Satellite -> 
Server: selector are ones that are either delivered with McIDAS-V or that you
enter yourself.  As soon as you have received notification from the SSEC
Data Center folks that your request for access to their 
server, you will be able to configure McIDAS-V to access imagery from the
server.  You do this by:

- type in 'openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu' (without the quote marks) in the
  Server: entry

- click in the Dataset: entry box

  This will bring up a dialog for setting the list of datasets that you
  want to access from the server.  The names of the dataset(s) should
  be provided to you by the SSEC Data Center person that sends you
  the notification that your request for access to openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu
  has been approved.

  When you get to this point, I can help guide you through the process
  of defining the access through the dialog, or you can read the
  McIDAS-V User's Guide (which is available in McIDAS-V through the
  Help dropdown at the top of the view window (like the IDV, the
  User's guide for McIDAS-V is built-in to the application itself).

The questions in my mind at this point are:

- have you requested access to the openarchive.ssec.wisc.edu server?

- if yes, have you received an email that tells you that your request
  has been approved?

- have you had a chance to read through the beginning portions of the
  McIDAS-V User's Guide to familiarize yourself with how McIDAS-V


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