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[McIDAS #IQX-347243]: Serving Archive Point Data from the SSEC Openarchive

Hi Marty,

> I was able to download an MD file and not have it overwrite realtime data,
> per your instructions. It put the file in $MCDATA, where I issued the
> PTCOPY command.
> I went into our real time point data directory, and moved all of the real
> time data to a different directory. I left the archive file as the only MD
> file in there. When I do this, IDV says "Unable to handle archive dataset".
> So IDV is picking up the file, but can't handle it.
> Thanks for your help, and keep me in the loop on what Yuan and Don have to
> say about moving forward on this.

I talked to Yuan about this yesterday and demonstrated that the IDV only
provides an interface to the current day's data.  Yuan thinks that modifying
IDV to allow access to "archived" data should not be that difficult, but
he also pointed out that he has never worked in that section of the code,
so unanticipated problems could present themselves.

By the way, in doing my investigations I found that the IDV must hardcode
the ADDE dataset name for real-time (i.e., today's) and archived datasets.
I say this because the chooser for the type of POINT data does not present
the ADDE dataset names for Surface (METAR), Synoptic or Ship/Buoy data.
I also discovered that the ADDE group name for Archive data is PTSRCALL.
I found this out by "pointing" at adde.ucar.edu and selecting Archived
Surface (METAR) Data and seeing that PTSRCALL is the dataset that is
accessed.  Unfortunately, the list of days/times presented in the Absolute
Times tab is only for the current day even though the PTSRCALL/SFCHOURLY,
PTSRCALL/SYNOPTIC and PTSRCALL/SHIPBUOY datasets have data going back
over a year.

I think that the serving of POINT data outside of "today" is a good
item for the IDV advisory committee to push for :-)

Sorry for the bad news...


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