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[McIDAS #IQX-347243]: Serving Archive Point Data from the SSEC Openarchive

Hi Marty,

> I've been given access to some MD point data files from the openarchive.


> I would like to know how I can serve these via ADDE for IDV case studies, as
> point data is hard to come by and the IDV chugs along pretty slowly when
> loading from a gempak surface file.

OK, this sounds like it should be straightforward.

> After issuing dataloc.k ADD OPOINT OPENARCHIVE.SSEC.WISC.EDU, I ran:

First, I would _not_ copy archive data to a real-time dataset like
RTPTSRC (Real Time PoinT SouRCe).  Instead, I would create an archive
dataset definition (using DSSERVE) and copy to it.  This will keep your
real-time data separate from your archive data.

> It copies over a file, MDXX0001 to /ldmdata/data/mcidas.

OK.  The first question is if you are decoding real-time data into McIDAS
MD files using the McIDAS-XCD capabilities.  If you are, then you may
have just written over a real-time data file (bad).

> I can't seem to view the data in IDV. Is it possible?

Yes, it should be possible.

> Ideally I would like
> to be able to keep the archived data separate from any real-time data and
> have the IDV find them both.

Yup, that is what I would suggest.


- did SSEC offer you a way to access the POINT data files that comprise their
  OPOINT datasets directly?

  Or, do you have to use ADDE to copy (PTCOPY) from their remote dataset to
  your local one?

  The reason I ask is that I know that SSEC runs THREDDS server(s), and I think
  that they have archived POINT data available that way.  If they give you 
  to the POINT data files directly, you can:

  - download the file(s) you need

  - create one or more archive datasets that access the data from the files you

  - point your IDV at that/those datasets for the data you want

> Thanks,

This sounds very interesting indeed; it is something that I have hoped Unidata
sites would take advantage of along with archived satellite imagery.


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