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[McIDAS #WGZ-508649]: MTSAT Data

Hi Greg,

I sent an inquiry off to SSEC regarding your MTSAT question yesterday
and received the following answer last evening:

  I suspect that the NESDIS server is not running a current version of the
  MTSAT ADDE server. The fix for SS is in 2010.1 and later.
  Module: mtstaget2.for.

  I seem to recall that the ingested MTSAT segment files do not contain
  the information on which satellite, so we determine it this way:

  MTSAT 1R has a SUBLON = 140
  MTSAT 2 has a SUBLON = 145 (as of 03/2010)

A quick check of the 6.75 um water vapor imagery in the PUB dataset on
the SATEPS ADDE server SATEPSANONE.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV shows that the image
labeled as MTSAT-1R should be MTSAT-1R according to the guidance
that SSEC provided:


Image file directory listing for:PUB/MTGLOB04I4
 Pos Satellite/         Date       Time      Center      Res (km)   Image_Size
     sensor                                 Lat  Lon    Lat   Lon
 --- -------------  ------------  --------  ---- ----  ----- ----- ------------
  29  MTSAT-1R      30 OCT 13303  18:30:00     0 -140
   Band: 4    6.75 um IR Mid-level Water Vapor          4.02  3.99  2750 x 2752
     proj:    0 created: 2013303 190016  memo: MTSAT data from HRIT
     type:VISR     cal type:BRIT
     offsets:  data=    2816 navigation=  256 calibration=    0 auxiliary=    0
     doc length:   0   cal length:   0   lev length:   0 PREFIX=   0
     valcod:          0 zcor:  1 avg-smp: N
     start yyddd: 2013303  start time:183000  start scan:    0
     lcor:    1  ecor:     1  bytes per pixel: 1  ss: 84
     Resolution Factors (base=1):   Line=    4.0   Element=    4.0

This would seem to indicate that MTSAT-1R is, in fact, the operational
satellite and MTSAT-2 is not.  Or, it indicates that SATEPS only has
the MTSAT-1R data.

What do similar IMGLIST listings show for the images in the MTS dataset?


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