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[McIDAS #TGM-560449]: NEXRAD Composites

Hi Russ,

> So â just to summarize â
> Switching to N0Q is a good idea but its not supported operationally yet. If 
> all goes as
> planned N0Q will be the ONLY composite available by ~December.


> You and Kathy are OK but the rest of Boulder is a mess.

Yes, Cathy (that is Cathy with a 'C', not a 'K') are doing well, thanks!

> RE: N0Q - Should I continue my switch over to N0Q or revert to N0R until N0Q 
> is made
> operational?

Revert to use of N0R composites.  We will send a notification to the
ldm-users email list when the N0Q product is officially added to the
FNEXRAD datastream.

Just so that you (and anyone who reads these exchanges; they are made
public after all) know: nothing we do is operational.  That is why
I always surround "operational" in quotes!

> RE: NTP - You hit the nail on the head in your response below. I was 
> wondering how the
> difference in storm total pixel values (from site to site) are resolved.

The are not.

> Does the
> highest value of collocated pixels "win"?

I think that this is the case, but it could be that the pixels from the
most recently added product "win".

> When are sites removed from the composite?

When the NTP product from a site stops being reported.

> Do
> the sites "clear" the display after the precip event (yielding a blank image)?

Sometime after the precipitation even ends, the PUP stops sending
new NTP products.  I do not know the criteria used at the PUP, and
I don't ever remember seeing a description of the NTP product that
goes into that kind of detail.


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