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[McIDAS #KKB-703376]: Problem with misaligned highlighted borders on high resolution GOES images

Hi JoÃo,

> Thanks for the quick response Tom.

I'm sorry that I couldn't respond before now; I took the weekend off...

> I have tried both methods and while the first one (using IMA and GRA
> keywords) results in the following error:
> IMGDISP SSH.-1 3 BAND=1 LAT=-12:48:20 54:23:08 GRAY=Y TEXT=X 251 2
> Beginning Image Data transfer, bytes= 25002816
> IMGDISP: loaded frame  3
> IMGDISP: done
> MAP X -1 DASH=3 X 6 FILE=OUTLHPOL LIN=1 455;MAP L 1 LIN=1 455 IMA=3 GRA=3
> MAP failed, rc=255
> batch.k: BATCH job abandon /usr/local/mcidas/data/GOES-VIS-BRASIL-HD.BAT
> batch.k: BATCH done /usr/local/mcidas/data/GOES-VIS-BRASIL-HD.BAT

I thought that you were creating a McIDAS session with 2 frames, not

  "I have been working with GOES imagery as of late, generating two types of
   files for each view, a low-res 480x640 image and a high-res 5000x5000 image."

If this is still the case, trying to load an image into frame 3 will
fail since you will only have frames 1 and 2.

> the second method works but doesn't solve the original problem.
> See both links again please:

I don't understand this.  I have created the same sort of displays locally,
and I do not have any problems with map registration.

Can you send me the script(s) you are running so I can take a look?


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