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20130515: Display complete satellite imagery

Hi João,

This may be a trivial question so I'll get right to the point:
How does one download a complete image using McIDAS-X?

Do you mean download or display? Downloads are actually copies made with IMGCOPY. Displays are made using IMGDISP.

For example after entering the following commands:



In McIDAS-X, the size of the image displayed is determined by the size of the frame in McIDAS that it is to be displayed in. If you make the frame size larger, you will get more of the image (meaning more lines and elements).

I get an image centered around 11:28:44 100:01:25.

I've figured out how to position the image using the LAT= option, but am
still clueless on how to get the whole image. The MAG keyword seems to
only zoom IN and not OUT.

McIDAS' strategy is to only send the amount of image data that will fill the frame in which it will be seen at the resolution (MAG=) specified by the user. If you want to see greater areal extent, you either request a "blow-down" (MAG= values less than 0) or you create a larger frame.

If what you really want to do is copy the data to your system, you
would use the IMGCOPY command.  IMGCOPY allows you to specify the size
of the image (lines x elements) copied.  More information on IMGCOPY
can be found in the built-in HELP for IMGCOPY or in the McIDAS User's


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