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[McIDAS #ECE-924432]: Creating and populating a local ADDE server

Hi Kevin,

Well, what I was seeing was making no sense to me... for instance,
I was seeing ~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log entries that indicated
that the ldm-mcidas 'pnga2area' decoder was running even though
the ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf_mcidasB pattern-action file clearly indicated
that the UNIWISC products should be processed (filed) by ~ldm/util/ldmfile.sh.
That was getting VERY frustrating indeed, because I could simply not figure
out what was going on.

I finally resorted to doing a clean build of ldm-6.11.4 after making
sure that the environment defined in ~ldm/etc/.cshrc was correct AND
was in scope before doing the new build/re-install.

After the rebuild/reinstall, I started the LDM and everything came
up working as it should (meaning that XCD is running nicely, and
all images are being processed through ~ldm/util/ldmfile.sh).  I thought
about this for a couple of minutes and then a light bulb went on:  the
LDM administrative script ~ldm/bin/ldmadmin has the variable 'ldmhome'
that gets set when the package is built/installed.  This variable
obviously had been set to a value that was not correct given the
regularized LDM build that I _thought_ I had done... I never rebuilt
the LDM until a few minutes ago.  So, the problem all along was in
my not performing a clean rebuild of the LDM when I went about
regularizing the LDM installation; my bad!

As I end this note, I believe that everything is working as it should
(but I will do a bit more snooping to make sure).  Since satellite
imagery is now being processed, the ADDE dataset definitions that
I implemented when configuring the 'mcidas' account will now find
the imagery data.  You should, therefore, be able to view the imagery
from derecho in your IDV as soon as you set the Server: value in
the Data Choosers -> Sat & Radar -> Images GUI.

I'll write more if anything comes to mind...


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