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[McIDAS #XBX-823999]: McIDAS 2009 install problems

Hi Rick,

> Since I never installed Unidata McIDAS, I had to follow the instructions :-)

You are the only one ;-)

> The doc says to use -vendor for VENDOR.  I can change VENDOR to
> -gfortran if you think that would help.

I forgot to ask what the OS is on your user's machine.  If it is Linux
variant, VENDOR can be either '-g77' or '-gfortran' ** assuming that
the compilers are up to date (older versions of 'g77' are known to
have problems compiling some old McIDAS Fortran source code; current
versions do not).

> I'm hesitant to re-install as things are now working.  Now to get there
> user back up and running.  They did not back up their machine and it
> crashed hard.

OK, I totally understand your hesitancy (been there).  The good news
with McIDAS, of course, is that one can do a new build and not
affect the one that is already installed as long as 'make install'
is not run and 'make clobber' is done in the 'mcidas2009/src' directory
first).  The only reason that I would rebuild if I had a login to
the user's machine would be to more fully investigate the issue
related to you having to add the '-D__64BIT__' define to CFLAGS
in the g2clib Makefile.  A university user working in OpenSuSE 12.2
reported the same error and started mucking with Makefiles to try
and get things to work.  I was able to login to their system (after
getting appropriate credentials) and did a new, clean build after
setting up their environment according to the instructions in
the Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide.  The build went almost all the
way to the end before bombing out because the libXext-devel and
ncurses-devel packages had not been installed.  After these were
installed, the build went all the way to the end with no errors.


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