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[McIDAS #PIR-584729]: McIDAS Research Questions

Hi Rod,

> Did you get my response? and How's the progress where you were going to see
> what's wrong with the contours being displayed?

Apparently, you did not get the email I sent yesterday at 3:20 pm MST in which
I sent along a modified BATCH file that contains changes that were needed.

Here is the email I sent yesterday:

Hi Rod,

re: using contours of min/max values of RICE

> No I only want the max and min values of the specific region of the box I
> drew.
> *IMGPROBE LIST POINT MODE=N LATLON=34.689243 88.234695*
> *IMGPROBE LIST POINT MODE=N LATLON=34.685452 87.354070*
> *IMGPROBE LIST POINT MODE=N LATLON=34.177437 88.247765*
> *IMGPROBE LIST POINT MODE=N LATLON=34.179134 87.397865*


One can specify a Lat,Lon bounding box in an IMGGRD invocation
using the LAT= and LON= keywords. One can also specify the spacing
of the grid points created by IMGGRD using the INC= keyword. Limiting
the creation of the grid to a specific region is the thing you want
to do. See below...

Also, one can specify a Lat,Lon bounding box in a GRDINFO invocation using
the LAT= and LON= keywords. This should return back just the min and max
values for the STAT option within the bounding box only.

> SIZE=11 28 EXCLUDE=-109.57 -6.77
> And they seem to be contours of where the max and min are located in the
> remapped image and not the original image.

??? I don't understand what you are referring to here.

I have attached a new version of the BATCH file (named EFFRAD7.BAT) that 
changes that implement comments I made above. Specifically:

- the IMGGRD invocation is changed to only create a grid over your region
  of interest, AND the grid point spacing is decreased to 0.1 degrees in
  both X and Y dimensions

- a long listing of the grid created by IMGGRD is included using GRDLIST

- GRDINFO is run on the newly created grid. The min/max values listed
  now pertain to the region of interest you defined

- the NEXRAD Level III base reflectivity image is remapped into the projection
  of the IR/Effective radius images and then displayed in frame 6 with a 
  factor (MAG=) of 4

- the grid created from IMGGRD is used to plot contours on top of the remapped
  NEXRAD Level III base reflectivity image in frame 6 AND on top of the
  NEXRAD Level III base reflectivity image that is displayed in frame 7 in
  its native projection (polar coordinate centered on the radar GWX)

Please take a look at the revamped BATCH file and let me know if you have
any questions.


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