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[McIDAS #HSN-440865]: Re: Question of how you displayed the legend bar on the GOESEFFECTIVE jpeg (Second attachment image)

Hi Rod,

I created a McIDAS BATCH file that demonstrates a number of things
that are needed to accomplish the objectives you laid out in our
phone conversation on Friday:

- remap input Effective Radius and VIS images into a lat,lon
  projection over an area that covers Mississippi, Alabama
  and Georgia.

  In McIDAS, this projection is referred to as MERC.

- creates ASCII files from the remapped images using AXFORM

The BATCH file is named EFFRAD.BAT.  It is located in your
McIDAS working directory, /home/rod/mcidas/data.  I _strongly_
recommend reading the contents of EFFRAD as I tried to include
comments to explain what is being done.

To see what the BATCH file does, do the following:

- start an interactive McIDAS session:

  cd $MCDATA

  NB: I changed the default size of your McIDAS interactive
  session frames from the default of 480x640 to 700x932.  I
  did this by modifying the '-f' setting in the McIDAS session
  configuration file /home/rod/.mcidasrc.

- from the McIDAS Text and Command window, run:



- the IMGREMAP commands in EFFRAD.BAT are hardwired to use the
  22:02 Effective Radius and VIS images

  If you want to change the time, simply edit the file and change
  the TIME= keyword value on _both_ IMGREMAP invocations to
  the time you want.

- the ASCII files created by AXFORM invocations will be:

  EFFRAD.A01 <- this is the file that contains the pixel values
  EFRRAD.HDR <- this (sort of) explains what will be in EFFRAD.A01

  VIS.A01    <- ditto above
  VIS.HDR    <- ditto above

  Please refer to the online help for AXFORM (HELP AXFORM) or the
  Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide for more information on running

Let me know if you run into any problems running the BATCH file,
or if you have questions on what the BATCH file is doing.


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