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[McIDAS #KUC-159541]: Memory errors with GINI Local Server in McIDAS-X

Hi Clay,

I assume that you are the same Clay Davenport that I used to interact with
at UVa?  If yes, I trust things have been good for you at NOAA!

> The reason you are having so much trouble reading the image file you are
> grabbing is because it is not a blended TPW file, but a blended Rain Rate
> file - that's the "RRdata" in the path name.

Ah Ha!  This makes complete sense now!

> It uses the same brightness to
> rain rate conversions as the AMSU and SSMIS products used by SAB.

Do you happen to know what the BRIT -> RR relationship is?  If no, I
can search on the web.

> I don't believe we distribute the blended TPW through the satepsanon
> server.

The SATEPSANONE.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV ADDE server has dataset definitions for
both BLTPW and BLPWTM, but neither dataset has any elements


BLPWTM          20    Blended TPW Time composite
BLTPW           20    Blended TPW composite

> We do distribute it through our ADDE PLR server, as PLR/BLTPW_GPS,
> and that is on the 176-251 = 0-75 mm scale.

Thanks for pointing this out.  I have access to the PLR ADDE
server (SATEPSDIST4E.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV);  I am able to check
BLTPW type images:


        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: PLR

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
BLPWTM          20    Blended TPW Time composite
BLTPW           20    Blended TPW composite
BLTPWANMCIRA    25    24 hrs Blended TPW Anomaly from CIRA
BLTPWCIRA       25    24 hrs CIRA Blended TPW Composite
BLTPW_ANOM_C    25    24 hrs Blended TPW Anomaly from CIRA
BLTPW_GPS       25    24 hrs Blended TPW composite with GPS data
BLTPW_PCT       25    24 hrs Blended TPW Anomaly composite

I see images in BLTPW_GPS and BLTPW_PCT, but no others; these
two datasets may are useful, but not sufficient.

> Since I'm not sure what you have access to, let me know what you need and
> I'll figure out a way to get the data where you can get it...within the
> constraints I have to deal with here.


- would it be possible to get some example GINI images from the
  BLTPW_GPS and BLTPW_PCT datasets?

  These would be most helpful!

Comment (for you AND for SSEC MUG folks who are CCed on this exchange):

- one of the challenges for creation of valid calibration blocks
  is that the band number for the BLTPW_GPS images is the same
  as for the BLTPW_PCT images


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