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[McIDAS #BJT-176673]: Question about displaying the Satellite Image On McIDAS-X


> I did all the steps and I have a preset effective radius enhancement that
> Dan Lindsey used which is show on research 9 image. However, I am not
> clearing seeing the effective radius being over-layed by the visible
> satellite image.

I never sent you the IMGOLAY command that would do the image combination.
What did you use to combine the visible satellite and effective radius

> The enhancement used was CLW2.ET IMAGE which I used the
> *EU REST CLW2 command after I did all those steps.

OK.  Please provide me with the listing of this enhancement.
What I would like is the output of:


> So my questions are
> 1) Why are the counties of MS and AL that we displayed before are not being
>    displayed on the research 9 image?

What was your MAP invocation?

By default, MAP does not draw county outlines.  I sent you an example of
a MAP invocation that would display the MS (Mississippi), AL (Alabama)
and GA (Georgia) in a previous email.

> 2) Why is the satellite image and effective radius image are not being
>    overlayed with the preset effective radius on the research 9 image?

See above; I do not know what you used to combine the images, so I cannot
comment on what you are or are not seeing.

> *See my additional comments below.*

> I'm not sure what you mean by "use FTP...". What do you want to do?* *

Please ask your professor or, better yet, departmental computer system
administrator how you can make the images I have requested available by

> *Some additional commentary from the professor:
> The resulting images which you have produced with Dan Lindsey's
> software. They represent composites of:
> 1. effective radius ice
> 2. effective radius water
> 3. 10.7 brightness temperature
> Each point on the image will correspond to one of the three quantities
> depending on the brightness value at the point.
> He contacted Dan Lindsey to send me the "calibration" to convert
> the brightness values in the image to these 3 quantities.
> This is what he came up with.
> Below are the effective radius ice and water calibrations, but I'm
> having problems locating in the code how the 10.7 BT gets calculated.
> Reice= 7.4 + 44.26*((C-185.0)/70.0)
> Rewater= 1.39 + 123.4*((C-1.0)/79.0)
> C is the brightness count in both cases.

Interesting.  I don't see a question here...

> But first let's resolve the 2 questions I ask first.

See above.


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