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[McIDAS #BJT-176673]: Question about displaying the Satellite Image On McIDAS-X


I am in an all-day conference today, and my ability to respond to
email is limited (it is at the end of our lunch break at the moment)...

> When I did this: IMGDISP G13/VIS27APR11 DAY=11117 TIME=19:02 20:45 LATLON=0
> 70 MAG=-10 -20 SF=YES ALL=1 15 REFRESH='EG;MAP SAT'
> Its saying this:
> IMGDISP G13/VIS27APR11 DAY=11117 TIME=19:02 20:45 LATLON=0 70 MAG=-10 -20
> IMGDISP: Invalid ALL Ending
> frame.
> IMGDISP: 2nd ALL= argument is too big -->
> 15
> IMGDISP: Must be valid 'ALL Ending frame' integer value within range 1 thru
> 10.
> IMGDISP: done

This looks like you cut and pasted the command, and it was broken up into
more than a single line, or the mailer on my end broke what was intended
to be a single line into more than one line.  Redo the command making sure
that is all in one line.

> And with this command IMGDISP G13/VIS27APR11 DAY=11117 TIME=19:02 20:45
> 1st frame: 19:40
> 2nd frame: 19:45
> 3rd Frame: 19:55
> 4th Frame:  20:02
> 5th Frame:   20:10
> 6th Frame: 20:15
> 7th Frame:  20:24
> 8th Frame:  20:32
> 9th Frame:  No Frame Information
> 10th Frame: No Frame Information
> What seems to be the problem in this?

How many frames does your McIDAS-X session have?  To check this
from the command line, run the 'F' command from the Command and
Text window.  From the SSEC GUI interface, click on the Show Frame
button near the bottom of the GUI and see how many frames are
listed. I am betting that your session is only configured to have
8 frames, not 10. I commented on how to change the number and size
of frames in a
previous email.

> Dont know how to ftp since I extracted the effective radius images from a
> professor's computer. Is there any other suggestions?

Please check with your department computer system administrator and ask
him/her if your department has an FTP server where you can put some
images for me to download.

> Here's what this command showed: IMGDISP G13/EFFRAD.56.
> See research 5 image.

Thanks, but I need to have one or more of the image files (not picture
of a display from the image file) in my possession so I can more easily
find out what the characteristics of the data are.


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