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[McIDAS #BJT-176673]: Question about displaying the Satellite Image On McIDAS-X


> One additional question. When I did this:
> IMGDISP G13/VIS27APR11 1 DAY=11117 TIME=19:02 20:45 LATLON=45 90 MAG=-10
> It wouldnât show all the counties on that Satellite Image.

Correct.  The 'SAT' map is lower resolution and without country outlines.

Try the following:

IMGDISP G13/VIS27APR11 1 DAY=11117 TIME=19:02 20:45 LATLON=45 90 MAG=-10 -20 

See the built-in HELP for the MAP command (HELP MAP) for more information.

> It just a produces a different map of the us with all
> the counties.

The drawing of U.S. counties was done because of the COUNTY=ALL keyword
included in your invocation.

> Also I know I asked this before but is there any way you can
> stretch and zoom in the MS/AL in a high resolution?? I am trying to tamper
> with the magnitudes but it is not producing the results that I would like
> to see.

In McIDAS-X, pixels in all display exactly represent pixels in the image
being displayed.  This short list should give you a feel for what this means:

MAG=  1   1 -> display the pixels from the image as is
MAG= -2  -2 -> display every other pixel in the Line (vertical) and
               element (horizontal) dimensions
MAG= -3  -6 -> display every third pixel in the Line dimension and every
               6th pixel in the element dimension
MAG=  2   2 -> replicate every pixel in the Line and Element dimensions

You get the best display of the information in the original image using
MAG=1 1, which, by the way is the default.

Quick comment about your images:

- they appear to be full resolution GOES scans

  Current GOES imagers over sample by a factor of almost 2 in the Element
  dimension.  This means that if you want to display a full disk image
  and have the displayed disk look round, you should use MAG=1 -2
  (or MAG=-2 -4, MAG=-3 -6; ..., MAG=-10 -20)

> Thanks.

No worries.


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