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[McIDAS #UQI-731403]: Remap2

Hi Randy and Mary Ellen,

I have been looking at remap2_tasc.pgm and cloudp_tasc.c for a long time today,
and I am now more confused than before I started (sigh)...

On 20120627 Randy said:
> ...
> this compiled code will work just fine for AREA9191 but no calibration
> data for AREA 9190.

On 20120627 Randy said:
> I wanted to reopen this case. The issue was getting our remap2/cloudp codes 
> to work on
> GOES 15 imagery. You helped us with this and it fixed the problem.
> Interestingly we wanted to go back and remap some old GOES-11 data and so we 
> used this
> code. Naturally it did not work. We get an image with no navigation.


- when you run the code on GOES-11 images is there no calibration or no 

  The reason that I ask, is that when I run the following REMAP2_TASC 

  REMAP2_TASC 9190 3000 BAND=1 2 3 4 5 LAT=30.0 50.0 LON=105.0 125.0

  in Unidata McIDAS-X v2009k on my CentOS 6.3 system, the remapping runs without
  error, and the resulting image has good navigation (meaning that I can run
  MAP SAT and a map gets drawn OK) and it has the same values in the calibration
  block as the source image.  What I do not see, however, is any non-zero
  or non-255 image pixel values (bands 1, 2, 4, and 5 values are all zero
  and band 3 values are all 255).

  Using the AREA created by REMAP2_TASC as the target for the SSEC XRD
  version of REMAP2 (the SSEC version requires that the destination image
  already exists; I used it since it has the navigation desired), I can
  remap AREA9190 with no problems AND see non-zero/non-255 values in remapped

  Can you display non-zero/non-255 values in the remapped GOES-15 image?

- I note in the cloudp_tasc.c code that one must modify the code before using
  it for GOES-12 data:

one = 1;
two = 2;
four= 4;
/* for goes-12 change five=5 to five=6 */
five= 5;

  This is because GOES-12 (AND GOES-13 and GOES-15) do not have a band 5 (12.0
  um); instead they have band 6 (13.3 um).

  Did you modify cloudp_tasc.c before using it to remap GOES-15 data?

- final comment for the day:

  I note a number of differences in the SSEC REMAP2 code and the REMAP2_TASC
  code; some look like they could be important, and some not (REMAP2_TASC
  is obviously based on an earlier version of REMAP2).  It seems to me that
  it would be a good idea to try and fit your 'cloudp' code into a modified
  copy of the SSEC REMAP2 code.  The reason I say this is that the SSEC code
  has been modified much more recently than the code on which REMAP2_TASC
  was based.


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