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[McIDAS #JCY-277961]: McIdas ADDE server problem

Hi Mark,

re: name of your ADDE server
> omega.lsc.vsc.edu


re: I will see what I can see by trying to access that server using McIDAS-X.
> I'm not sure, but the ports may be blocked by our central office.

This looks like it might be the case.  My attempt to contact the port that
McIDAS ADDE should be listening on (112) was a failure.  The reasons for
failure would be either:

- xinetd is not setup to understand what to do when requests are received
  on port 112

- xinetd is not running

- inbound port 112 access is blocked by a firewall somewhere

You can ascertain if the first two options are problems by:

- ls /etc/xinetd.d/mcidas

  Does the file exist, and, if yes, what is its contents?

- ps -eaf | grep xinet

  Is xinetd running?

  The answer to this may be no.  It seems that newer versions of Linux
  (RedHat variants at least) installs do not include xinetd, so one
  has to install it after the initial OS installation (on RedHat variants
  this is easily done by running 'yum install xinetd' as 'root').

  If 'xinetd' is not running even though it is installed, it may be the
  case that it is not automatically started at boot.  The Linux 'chkconfig'
  utility should be able to ascertain this.  Try:

  chkconfig --list | grep xinetd

  Is xinetd available (i.e., in the list), but not configured to start
  in run levels 3, 4 and 5?

re: I may be able to get a feeling for what is going on remotely
> Great!  Can you provide me with an ssh public key or maybe a phone
> call?  I don't think sending passwords in an email is a good idea. :)

Users routinely send me passwords by:

- including the password in an email that makes _no_ mention of the
  account or machine for which it is valid

I just left a voicemail for you asking for the password(s), but you
may be gone for the weekend (it is 2:13 here in Boulder, so it should
be 4:23 in VT.


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