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20120620: Change longitude where data from 2 geostationary satellites are merged together (cont.)

Hi Dave,

re: use the RTIMAGES/GEW-xxx datasets
>Thanks for the idea.  However, I need data from early February of this
>year, and (if I'm looking at the right stuff on adde), it looks like
>your composite images are only for the past several hours.  Is that

Actually, those composites go back to May 7 of this year.  The older
images are accessible in an "archive" dataset named IMAGEALL.

There is a different dataset that contains water vapor and thermal
IR (nominally 10.7 um) global composites that go back quite a long
time.  This is also an "archive" dataset.  Here are the details:

Server:      adde.ucar.edu
Dataset:     GLOBALL
Descriptors: IRCOMP, WVCOMP
Image Type:  global geostationary composite imagery
Image Size:  4096 x 8192

As you can see, these images are quite a bit larger than the north
hemisphere composites in the RTIMAGES/GEW-IR, etc. datasets.  Their
temporal availability are also quite a bit difference.  Up until sometime
in March the composites are available once an hour.  After that, there
is a gap in the dataset (sorry, don't remember the exact date range of
the gap), and then starting around April 9, the images are every 3 hours.
For your current use, the images should be mostly available each hour.

>I'm going to try Don's jython script to see if it will work
>for me; I'm guessing it will.

OK, sounds good.

>Thanks again for the help.  I really appreciate it.

No worries.



>On Jun 20, 2012, at 4:23 PM, Tom Yoksas wrote:
>> Hi Dave,
>> This is a follow-up to the email that Don Murray sent you earlier =
>> re:
>>> I am creating satellite images over the continental U.S. using
>>> a combination of GOES-15 (west) and GOES-13 (east) data. I want to
>>> be able to specify where the data sets are merged in the image (for
>>> instance, let's say I want to merge the GOES-East and GOES-West data
>>> along 105=3DBAW). Is there a way to do this? I'm using McIDAS Area =
>>> from the CLASS database.
>> I use McIDAS-X to create GOES-East/West composites for all 5 imager =
>> nominally each half hour (nominally because a is only created when new
>> scans from both GOES-East and GOES-West are available for the nominal
>> half hour).  I chose to not create a composite when the time =
>> in East/West scan times is greater than about 15 minutes (which is the
>> nominal difference in scheduled East and West scan times).  This =
>> in some half hours not having any composite image even though there =
>> be a GOES-East or GOES-West scan (but not both).
>> The composites created are available via ADDE from adde.ucar.edu.
>> The pertinent info for the IDV for one type of composite is:
>> Server:     adde.ucar.edu
>> Dataset:    RTIMAGES
>> Image Type: GOES-East/West IR Composite
>> Image Size: 592 x 1000
>> I chose to do the merge is created with a central longitude of about =
>100 W
>> (there is actually an overlap region of about 5 degrees).
>> Are these the kinds of composites you are looking to create/have?  If =
>> you are free to use the ones that are available on adde.ucar.edu if =
>> would prefer to not generate your own.
>> Cheers,
>> Tom

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