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[McIDAS #DPF-707654]: Problem with MCGUI window growing without bound

Hi Greg,

I am in Chengdu, China at the moment, and my ability to respond to support
questions is limited (I will be unavailable for the rest of the day today
as we travel from Chengdu, to Aba in Tibet, for instance).

> I went to fire up the Unidata mcidas gui on my system today and had a problem.
> I invoked the gui with a simple >mcidas command. The window came up but then
> started growing without bound until I killed it. I tried this several times 
> with 
> the same result. When I killed it I got the following error message (which 
> may or 
> may not be helpful):
> address@hidden:~/mcidas$ Error in startup script: can't invoke "winfo" 
> command:  application has been destroyed
> while executing
> "winfo exists $w"
> (procedure "textList" line 28)
> invoked from within
> "textList "DATALOC HOST" command "" $x $y"
> (file "/home/mcidas/bin/mcgui.k" line 1280)

I think that this message is a result of your killing things to stop the

> I'm running this on a linux system and have not seen this problem before but 
> I 
> see a similar problem reported in your mail archives but no resolution other 
> than 
> to try gnome instead of KDE.  Those don't apply to me as I'm ssh'ing in to 
> this 
> system and using X to view the display tools.


> Here's my system info:
> address@hidden:~/mcidas$ uname -a
> Linux lightning.eol.ucar.edu 2.6.18-308.4.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue Apr 17 17:08:00 
> EDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> I'm running MCIDAS-X v2009g I believe, installed last June. I'm in the middle 
> of 
> a field campaign with active mcidas scripts running so I don't want to do a 
> major 
> upgrade until the campaign ends in July. Any ideas?

Try the following mod that is included in the most recent McIDAS addendum (I 
it is included in the one available now; if it isn't it will be in the next 


    # Reparent the McIDAS Xwindow
    xwindow $win $windowid
    grid configure $win -sticky "news"


    # Reparent the McIDAS Xwindow
    xwindow $win $windowid
    pack $win

in 'proc reparentXwin' in ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src/upcguiprocs.tcl.  After
making the change to upcguiprocs.tcl, make sure that the copy in
the ~mcidas/bin directory was updated (the file in ~mcidas/bin should be a
link to the one in ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src).  If it wasn't (meaning the link
was deleted for some reason), copy the modified version of upcguiprocs.tcl
to ~mcidas/bin.  After upcguiprocs.tcl is updated, retry starting the

Please let me know the results of this test.


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