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[McIDAS #VCB-414258]: about Mcidas software ...

Hi Rodrigo,

> Two weeks ago, our ldm site died, (the computer of course :) )..
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rtstats/sitesummaryindex?depresion.dgf.uchile.cl
> I have been trying to reconfigure a new computer (no so
> new indeed),  however I have had some troubles because i lost
> some configurations (I lost many backups too) ..

Ouch!  Losing backups is _very_ painful!

> I have been
> trying to download mcidas software from unidata site without
> success too..  May I ask a favor about that ?  It would be very
> helpful get a  configuration example with our feeds and a way
> download mcidas from unidata.

I sent you a note earlier today letting you know that you should
now be able to download McIDAS-X from us.

As for a configuration example for LDM/IDD feeds you want/need,
I have a couple of comments:

- Unidata McIDAS comes with a script ('mcxconfig') that is designed
  to be run after the package is built and installed.  'mcxconfig'
  asks questions about what kinds of LDM/IDD-delivered data one wants
  to be able to use in McIDAS, and then it creates LDM pattern-action
  ('pqact.conf') files and provides the entries that one needs
  to include in the ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file.  It also provides
  a file of cron entries that are needed to scour data and
  some other things.

- if you are also using GEMPAK, it comes with the same sort of
  pattern-action files that are used to create decoded data
  files for use in GEMPAK (in fact, the ones I distribute with
  McIDAS were inspired by the ones in GEMPAK).

- for years, I had SSH access to depresion.dgf.uchile.cl.  If
  you provide access on your new machine, I could login and help
  you setup your LDM and McIDAS again.  Please let me know if
  you are interested in this help.


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