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[McIDAS #CWC-204890]: Software download

Hi Adia,

re: access to Unidata McIDAS-X

> Thanks for the explanation I really appreciate it. The intent for the request 
> of the
> software is for academic purpose.
> I am taking a hands on training in satellite Meteorology at the African 
> Regional Center
> for Space and Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E), Osun State 
> Nigeria. The
> center offers a nine months Postgraduate diploma in Remote Sensing/Geographic
> Information System, Satellite Communications, Satellite Meteorology/Global 
> Climate and
> Basic Space Science/Atmospheric Physics. To know more about ARCSSTE-E and her 
> programs,
> please visit www.arcsstee.org.
> So I need resources and an available software in training the students. I am 
> from the
> department of physics, Federal University of Technology Akure. I had my first 
> degree in
> Meteorology and second degree in space physics.
> With the details I have given and if I can still have the software, I agree 
> with the
> terms and conditions as stated for the use of the software.
> Once again thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

It sounds like your intended use of McIDAS fits within the tight guidelines
specified by UW/SSEC that we must follow.  There are a couple of things that
I need to know before I can grant you access to Unidata McIDAS-X:

- your registration with the Unidata website lists your position as
  Graduate Student

  Are you still a graduate student, and is this in the Department of Physics
  at the Federal University of Technology Akure?

- is it your intention that McIDAS-X will be used by you in pursuit of
  the postgraduate degree you refer to above?

- will you be the only user of McIDAS-X, or do you envision making the
  software available to other students?

  If you do intend/foresee making McIDAS-X available to others, how
  do you intend to make sure that it will not be distributed further?

- the agreement imposed on us by UW/SSEC implicitly implies that once
  the use of McIDAS-X in the pursuit of a degree is over, it must be
  removed from the system(s) on which it was used

  Do you promise to abide by this rule?

Again, I apologize for the hassle involved for non-.edu users getting
access to Unidata McIDAS-X.  I sincerely wish that it was freely
available like the other packages that we support!


- have you considered using the Unidata IDV or SSEC's McIDAS-V in your

  The IDV is an open source package entirely written in Java that
  will run anywhere Java 3D will run (this typically means on
  a machine that has a modern graphics subsystem (card) that supports
  OpenGL).  McIDAS-V, which is SSEC's 5th generation McIDAS, is
  derived from the IDV (somewhere over 90-95% of the code is the
  same) and enhanced with functionality that is intended for
  use by satellite meteorologists.

  If you have not considered using the IDV or McIDAS-V, you may
  want to look into it/them more.  You can learn more about the
  IDV at:

  Unidata HomePage

  NB: I am not trying to dissuade you from pursuing use of
  McIDAS-X.  I just want to make sure that you are aware
  of other packages that do most of what McIDAS can do and


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