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[McIDAS #HOF-899675]: McIDAS-X 2009i won't build on one of my servers

Hi Gilbert,

> Long time no hear!

Yes, how have you been?

> Everything has been working well. Until,
> of course, now...we have to stop meeting every time I
> break something. ;-) But seriously...
> On one of my servers, weather2, McIDAS-X refuses to build
> to the latest version. I get weird error messages. See attached logfile
> and see if you can make heads or tails of it.
> Thanks for any help, as always...it is greatly appreciated!

I took the liberty of logging onto weather2 to look at the McIDAS
log file directly.  I then did a Google search using 'curl_easy_setopt package'
as the search key, and found others reporting this error when attempting
to build netCDF v4.1 (which is now contained in Unidata McIDAS-X).  I then
looked on my CentOS 6.2 x86_64 machine and see that libcurl is installed
(as it is on my Fedora 14 workstation).  Finally, I checked to see if
libcurl is installed on weather2, and it is not.  I then tried
installing libcurl (yum install libcurl as 'root'), but I get the

No package libcurl available.
Nothing to do

I assume that libcurl.i686 (and libcurl-devel.i686) should be available
(since it is available in my CentOS 6.2 environment), but I could be
wrong given that you are running CentOS 5.7 on weather2.

Sorry that I didn't know about the need for libcurl to be installed.
Since we are a netCDF development shop, I guess it is installed on
all of our machines.  While saying that, however, I reminded myself
that my CentOS 6.2 x86_64 environment is one that I control completely;
it is not in the unidata.ucar.edu domain; it is a VMware virtual machine
that I run under VMware Player on my Windows 7 laptop.  I did not need to
install libcurl in my virtual machine, so it is likely that the creator
of the VMware virtual machine installed it before making  the virtual
machine available.

Wrap-up: I believe that if you install libcurl.i686 (and perhaps
libcurl-devel.i686) your McIDAS build will proceed smoothly.


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