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[McIDAS #IWJ-443798]: MCIDAS Software Upgrade at NGC

Hi Martha,

re: modifications for NEXRAD Level III dataset definitions

> Thanks, this worked - I modified it dataset by dataset rather than hacking the
> RESOLV.SRV file.

I should have reminded you that the Unidata McIDAS distribution contains
an example BATCH file that creates/updates ADDE dataset definitions.
The file, NEXRADDE.BAT can be found in the ~mcidas/data directory after
the package is installed.  The idea behind the BATCH file is to:

<as 'mcidas'>

- copy the file to the $MCDATA directory

  You can rename the copy or not.  The copy in the $MCDATA directory
  will be used in preferrence to the one in the installation data
  directory because of how MCPATH is defined.

- edit the copy and change relevant portions of the DIRFILE=
  keyword clause

- run the BATCH file to update the ADDE dataset definitions:


  NB: running the BATCH file does _not_ undefine any ADDE dataset
  definitions.  It does, however, replace existing definitions with
  new definitions.

  Why may this be relevant?  A number of NEXRAD Level III products that
  used to be in the NOAAPort SBN are no longer there.  Examples are

  N1R - base reflectivity at tilt 2
  N2R - base reflectivity at tilt 3

  ADDE datasets for these products will still be defined after (re)running

  Why did I leave these defined?  I struggled with this... I figured that
  some sites might be using the RTNEXRAD dataset for non-real-time data
  so there still may be N1R, N2R, etc. products that they want to
  access.  The counter argument for this is that since the products
  will not be real-time, a new dataset should be defined for their
  access (e.g., NEXRAD/N1R, NEXRAD/N2R, etc.).  I welcome any input you
  may have on this issue.


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